Mistake Proof
Made Simple.

A low-cost robust preventative action for missing and improperly installed threaded inserts.

IndiCert Patent Pending - application on file with USPTO

Quickly Verify & Protect

The IndiCerts enables verification at a glance of correctly installed Heli-Coil® type inserts and properly removed tangs. Additionally, the IndiCert provides a protective cover preventing any foreign contamination.

  • Works w/ All Threaded Inserts Including Heli-Coil®*
  • Indicates the Presence of a Correctly Installed Insert
  • Easy Twist-in Hand Installation- No Tools Required
  • Can Only be Installed in the Correct Size Insert w/ Tang Removed
  • Positively Identify Missing Inserts at a Glance
  • Quickly Verify Tang Removal

A Simple & Affordable Solution

Easy twist-in hand installation - No tools required

Available in a wide variety of unified and metric sizes

Custom colors and sizes available upon request

Made from recyclable material

#2 Red UN-2-R-1D
#3 Red UN-3-R-1D
#4 Red UN-4-R-1D
#5 Red UN-5-R-1D
#6 Red UN-6-R-1D
#8 Red UN-8-R-1D
#10 Red UN-10-R-1D
1/4-20 Red UN-1420-R-1D
1/4-28 Red UN-1428-R-1D
5/16-18 Red UN-51618-R-1D
5/16-24 Red UN-51624-R-1D
3/8-16 Red UN-3816-R-1D
3/8-24 Red UN-3824-R-1D
1/2-13 Red UN-1213-R-1D
1/2-20 Red UN-1220-R-1D

M2 Green M-2-G-1D
M3 Green M-3-G-1D
M3.5 Green M-3.5-G-1D
M4 Green M-4-G-1D
M5 Green M-5-G-1D
M6 Green M-6-G-1D
M7 Green M-7-G-1D
M8 Green M-8-G-1D
M10 Green M-10-G-1D
M12 Green M-12-G-1D

Part Number Convention
Unified or Metric-Insert Thread Size-Color-Length in Diameters
UN-1420-R-1.5D is a Standard Thread 1/4-20 Red .375 Length Insert
Standard length is 1 Diameter

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